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Africa’s east coast is blessed with a plethora of stunning islands, each one washed by the warm waters of the azure Indian Ocean. Think lush tropical vegetation, dazzling beaches, guaranteed sunshine, crystal clear water and you’ve got yourself the setting for a dream holiday.

And yet, don’t imagine for a second that all the islands are the same, as each destination will surprise you with its own charm. Some islands are geared toward those looking for an intimate escape at a carefree paradise with hammocks and coconuts to sip on. Others revel in the beauty of nature with their lush tropical vegetation and birdsong that surround you, and exploring the island gives you a deep sense of serenity and connection to the earth. Others are steeped in culture and history and exploring the local cuisine makes for a wonderful discovery to entice the senses. While others reveal an explosion of multi-coloured life underwater.

Mauritius draws visitors in who are looking for a luxury beach break, only to discover so much more than just its beautiful beaches and crystal-clear turquoise waters. It’s a wonderful destination for superb hiking, excellent mountain-climbing and world-class diving. The vegetation is lush with jungle-clad mountains, glistening blue lagoons, impressive rivers and waterfalls, extinct volcanic craters, charming little ramshackle villages and wonderfully friendly locals.

This unremittingly beautiful country is located off the eastern coast of Africa in the Indian Ocean and is a great destination for those seeking romance, beautiful natural settings or just time with the family. Let our experienced team at Ikewana help design your perfect Mauritian holiday, with activities like swimming with dolphins, trekking to waterfalls or immersing yourself in the local culture with its hypnotic blend of Indian, African and European influences.

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