What André set about creating when he dreamed up Ikewana, was a true brand of luxury, where travel in and around Africa is orchestrated in such a way, as to be seamless. With around 26 years of experience and a fantastic team of like-minded professionals from various backgrounds in hospitality, tourism and a common passion for Africa, Ikewana was born.

Our collective knowledge of Southern Africa, East Africa and the Indian Ocean Islands was brought to the table and discerning travellers from around the world had access to the continent like never before. Ikewana curates, designs and delivers highly refined travel experiences for our clients. What makes us different is our focus on personal attention to each client’s needs, our unwavering focus on every aspect of your journey, and our capacity to exceed your expectations of what is possible on a trip to Africa.

We Are Ikewana

Our People

Our Values


At Ikewana, we adhere to a strict policy of always keeping our client’s needs first, and at all times providing each client with individual and professional attention. We always strive to uphold the high standard of living, discerning tastes and expectations that our clients are accustomed to.


Based on our library of thoroughly researched information, paired with our experienced teams’ vast and in-depth knowledge of the continent, we have you covered. Reliability and personal responsibility are at the core of our team’s values.


Ikewana’s team are productive and self-motivated, completing our work as efficiently and meticulously as possible. We are dedicated to honouring commitments to the best of our ability through clear communication with clients and within our team.