Africa offers a range of destinations with beautiful secluded beaches, crystal clear water, sunshine, blue skies and gently swaying palm trees. All that’s missing is you, lying in a hammock, doing next to nothing. But beach holidays constitute so much more, and on closer inspection you’ll see why it’s the obvious choice for water sport enthusiasts and energetic families. Activities on offer include fly-boarding, free-diving, jet-skiing, kayaking, kitesurfing, parasailing, surfing, wake-boarding, waterskiing, and underwater scooter adventures.

Our handpicked selection of specialised accommodation options at magnificent coral reefs, means that snorkelling and scuba diving are never far away. From the magnificent Indian Ocean Islands like Maldives to Lake Malawi, we’ve got you covered. Besides the explosion of brightly coloured fish, nature lovers can enjoy the likes of turtles nesting, whales calving and opportunities to swim with dolphins. Beach destinations also make a perfect ending to a busy holiday of exploring new cultures and going on safari. Speak to one of our experienced concierges here at Ikewana who can create your very own package, customised to the last detail.

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