Wellness travel focuses on replenishing body, mind and soul, allowing you to return rested and rejuvenated. Previously this consisted of indulgent time at a spa, detoxing, slimming, yoga and exercising, but these days the focus tends to be a lot more personal – often involving an inward journey.

Some people opt to learn from top-of-their-field gurus, like Michelin star chefs, healers, doctors and even Buddhist monks, who fly in to guide individuals toward spiritual healing, healthier habits and elevated skills to enrich their lives. These new skills can then be taken home and incorporated into their daily lives. There is still a focus on rejuvenating the body which could include a digital detox or a sugar detox, where high-end spas support clients with nutrition, yoga, meditation and the like. A silent retreat would complement this, allowing for contemplation time in magnificent, peaceful surroundings. What better place for these than on a pristine beach in the Maldives or enjoying organic farm-to-table culinary and spa experiences next to the Sabi River, overlooking a herd of elephant?

Whatever your selection, there’s no denying the value of sunny locations and beautiful environments to make you feel well. Ikewana is here to help you find the holistic experience you need. As with all the itineraries on our website, below are just a few examples of what is possible. Once we understand exactly what you want to reboot your system, we will plan a bespoke, obligation-free itinerary, with your budget considered. You only need contact us today to start planning your wellness-focused escape to Africa.

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