In this global village of ours, it seems that finding pure and unadulterated cultures are becoming so rare. But that doesn’t stop Culture Vultures like yourself from seeking out the unique places in this world and immersing yourself in what makes each country special.

Ikewana has put together some sample itineraries focussing on cultural interaction, giving you the opportunity to meet locals while travelling in Africa and to learn about their lifestyles. These include educational walks through the desert with the San Bushmen in Botswana or visits to a Maasai village in Tanzania. There are museum visits like the Zeitz MOCAA in South Africa – the world’s largest museum dedicated to contemporary art from Africa. And itineraries including visits to World Heritage Sites like the Great Zimbabwe National Monument with its ruins that bear testimony to the lost civilisation of the Shona. Or the world’s largest collection of rock engravings in Namibia. Or a visit to Stone Town in Zanzibar – a fine example of a Swahili coastal trading village that hasn’t changed much in the last 200 years.

If it’s not below, then we encourage you to talk to us about your specific interests. With knowledgeable people on the ground in the various countries that we cover, we will be able to customise an itinerary specific to you, with all the details considered.

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