Tired of being on the receiving end of a “lousy t-shirt from mom” souvenir from her exotic vacation? Well, Multi-Generational travel has finally put an end to being left at home. We are now seeing a huge new trend with parents, grandparents, children – and even extended family members – prioritising time together, travelling. With the whole gang off to a new destination, as opposed to descending on one part of the family with its subsequent stresses, everyone gets a break. These shared experiences create lifelong memories and in turn make for wonderful legacies to leave the grandchildren.

Whether your family is planning a milestone vacation, like an anniversary, birthday or simply a reunion, everyone gets involved in the planning – and everyone is considered. Our experienced team at Ikewana understands the challenges involved in trying to combine the younger cohort’s need for adventure with the older generations’ more laid-back options (and possibly mobility concerns). We understand that the even younger generations need nap time, and that reliable babysitters allow time for mum and dad to relax too. And this is where we excel. Multi-Generational travel done right, means everyone gets their holiday, their space and the pleasure of being part of a family – without the glitches.

Ikewana has some great itineraries below with tried-and-tested child-friendly accommodation in Southern and East Africa and the Indian Ocean islands. Get in touch with us today for some obligation-free ideas, to best suit your budget and your unique family.

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