Foster Orphaned Elephants or Rhinos

When orphaned baby elephants come out to play, feed and exercise, proud keepers, acting as surrogate mothers, take great pride in the progress of the hand-reared calves. These dedicated members are appointed to look after a calf each, after the calf has been abandoned or orphaned, due to poaching, human / animal conflict or having fallen into waterholes.

The Orphan Elephant Rescue and Rehabilitation Programme aims at raising, educating and nurturing them to be reintegrated into the wild again.

Do you wish to participate in something more long-term? A very worthy cause is the opportunity to adopt an elephant calf, a baby rhino or a baby giraffe. All proceeds go towards efforts to further and improve the praiseworthy initiatives of the rehabilitation centre.

Suitable For:
  • Bucket List
  • Safari
  • Solo Travel
  • Special Interest