Hike Kilimanjaro

At an impressive 5 895 metres (19 340 feet), Mount Kilimanjaro stands towering over the land with its snow-capped peak. It is Africa’s highest free-standing mountain, which rises majestically from Tanzania’s lush, grassy plains. It is made up of three dormant volcanoes (Shira, Mawenzi and Kibo) that, due to their lava explosions over many thousands of years, built itself up.

All three cones have subsequently died out. Mountaineers and nature enthusiasts from all over the world visit Kilimanjaro. For some there is the challenging, yet rewarding climb to its highest point, Uhuru Peak. But there are many different routes varying in difficulty and length, including those suitable should one choose to summit. It is advised that the slower you climb, the better your body will acclimatise. Kilimanjaro is a relatively gentle hike, taking anywhere between six to eight days, but its biggest challenge is its altitude. To make it easier, hikers are accompanied by experienced, professional guides and a porter team that sets up your tents with comfortable mattresses every night.

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