Himba Cultural Village

The Himba people are indigenous people living in northern Namibia. They are semi-nomadic pastoralists and are considered to be the last semi-nomadic people of Namibia.

It is said that the Himba are Namibia’s most photographed indigenous tribe, and for a reason. It is very interesting to see a tribe where people still adhere to their traditional way of living; women topless, with goatskin mini-skirts, plenty of copper and iron jewellery and elaborate hairstyles covered with clay. Men wear goatskin loin cloths. They smear themselves with a mixture of rancid butter, ash and ochre to serve as protection from the harsh desert climate.

A unique and meaningful opportunity allows for a cultural exchange where people can learn from the amazing nomadic people. Their heritage is considered to be very close to extinction due to the rapid speed at which the western world is evolving.

Suitable For:
  • Culture
  • Multi Gen.
  • Solo Travel
  • Special Interest