Mountain-Bike at High Altitude

Lesotho boasts some of the highest and most beautiful mountain biking trails in Southern Africa.

Challenging and rugged terrain includes wide valleys and high mountain passes through and over which trails formed over centuries as a result of rainfall, human activity, donkeys and horses, supplying endless riding options. Not restricted to single file riding down strictly regulated paths, riders can spread out and forge their own lines across the countryside, with congestion almost never being a challenge.

Farming activities of the Lesotho people revolve around their livestock and fetching water. As a result, they spend most their time outside and bikers can expect endless interactions with the locals, as they ride through the communities, villages, rivers and farms, bringing a special understanding of how the people of Lesotho live their lives.

Suitable For:
  • Adventure
  • Bucket List
  • Solo Travel
  • Sport