Snorkelling The Agulhas

With a 2 500 km-long coastline and numerous islands, Mozambique is the ideal snorkelling destination. The ocean water is subject to the warm Agulhas current with temperatures seldom dropping below 25 degrees. Underwater, look out for a myriad of coloured sea stars, frogfish, cowfish, pufferfish, sweetlips, sea horses and peculiar looking sea cucumbers.

There are some well-known reefs, but plenty of relatively unknown spots waiting to be explored! Coral reefs and colourful fish can be found all along the coastline from Ponto do Ouro in the south to Pemba in the north. For something different, you may want to try a guided night snorkelling excursion with underwater torches for a completely different dimension.

Suitable For:
  • Beach
  • Multi Gen.
  • Romance
  • Solo Travel
  • Wellness