Visit The City Of Lamu

The friendly, laidback town of Lamu, established in the 14th century as a Swahili settlement, still retains much of its charm today. Donkeys and villagers navigate the narrow, buzzing alleyways between clusters of coral-stone-and-mangrove-timber-built houses in a laid-back fashion.

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, influenced over the years by Swahili, Arabic, Persian, Indian and European travellers, traders and occupants, tourists will find magnificent simplistic stone buildings, characterised by shaded inner courtyards, verandas and beautiful, intricately-carved wooden doors.

It is the warm welcoming culture, the tranquillity and relaxed pace at which the locals approach life that makes this town ideal for strolling through the waterfront, the winding streets and enjoying the sunny beach.

Suitable For:
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  • Culture
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