Volcano Climbing

A bold challenge for the adventurous outdoor enthusiast, hiking to the top of one of the volcanoes is an experience that will guarantee satisfaction among the wilderness of dense forests situated against the slopes. Five out of the main eight Virunga Volcanoes is located in the Volcanoes National Park, offering different degrees in difficulty, distance and duration for participating individuals, based on their ability.

Vantage points from the top of the mountains overlook a true paradise of awe-inspiring mountainous views that include the rest of the park with is forests, hosting endangered primates and other bird and wildlife species, a spectacular crater lake, biodiverse ecosystems, and the other mountains in the Virunga Volcanoes chain. Hiking combined with primate trekking promises a life-changing adventure.

Suitable For:
  • Adventure
  • Solo Travel
  • Special Interest
  • Sport
  • Wellness