The Kalahari is an exceptionally beautiful living desert boasting expansive semi-arid sandy savannah draped over a gently rolling inland sea of sand. The desert spans over seven countries, including Botswana and large parts of Namibia and South Africa. The Namibian portion is made up of red sands covered in thin, wispy, mostly golden grass and dotted with acacia trees and wide-ranging wildlife including gemsbok, impala, jackals and cheetah.
It is also the last bastion of the San people with the modern world having enveloped all the other areas they once roamed. The endless dunes of the Kalahari compose the largest continuous expanse of sand on earth. Visitors can enjoy the clear night skies for stargazing, excellent game viewing, nature walks, horse riding and thrilling 4×4 adventures through this magnificent desert. Commonly spotted wildlife include water buffalo, black-maned Kalahari lion, antelope, ostrich, meerkat and countless bird species.

The Okavango River Delta forms part of the northern region of the desert creating an array of waterways and wetlands which support an abundant variety of wildlife. The northern central region is home to ancient dry riverbeds called ‘omuramba’. Kalahari North is blanketed in endemic acacia- camelthorn trees, ephemeral rivers, a fossil watercourse and boasts a reasonably regular rainfall, making it the ideal habitat to support fauna and flora.

This semi-arid southern terrain is covered with a thin layer of golden savanna with ancient dunes and yellow grasslands. It is home to an array of desert-adapted wildlife who call southern Kalahari home including antelope, spotted hyena, cheetah, meerkat, ostrich, gemsbok, porcupine, the Kalahari lion and a large number of migratory birds. Visitors can discover centuries-old Bushmen paintings, soak up the magnificent views of the southern Kalahari, as well as enjoying nature walks, nature drives and horse riding.

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