Nairobi, the capital of Kenya, is a modern, cosmopolitan African city. Diverse and vibrant, the city streets burst with culture, music, art and a rhythm that is unmistakably African. Often referred to as the “Safari Gateway”, many of the country’s best (and best kept secret) safari experiences are within reach from this bustling metropolis.

The city itself is a bedazzling destination, with many posh hotels, museums, galleries, cafés, night clubs, restaurants and more. Only 20 minutes from the city centre, you’ll find the world’s only urban game reserve where lions and buffalo roam. One must-do is a visit to the David Sheldrick Widlife Trust elephant orphanage!


Nairobi is classified as a subtropical highland climate. Being quite a high city at 1 795 metres (5 889 ft) above sea level, evenings are often cool, especially in June and July, when temperatures can drop below 10 ºC (48 ºF). From December to March, temperatures are moderate and average in the mid-twenties Celcius during the day. This is also the sunniest time of year.

Conditions in Nairobi can be overcast with some drizzle during the country's rainy season, usually from April to September. Because of the city's proximity to the equator, the differences between seasons are minimal, as is the timing of sunrise and sunset.

Average highs range between 22 – 27 ºC and minimum temperatures between 9 and 14 ºC. April is usually the wettest month with an average of 242 mm (9.54 inches) of rain.

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