Be one of the fortunate few who get the opportunity to visit the unique Sera Conservancy. Create memories that will stay with you forever, as you embark on a Black Rhino tracking safari.

The 350 000 hectare conservancy is located in the wild, undiscovered Northern frontier of Kenya, including a Rhino Sanctuary of some 10 700 hectares.

Other than being famous for its population of endangered Black Rhino, other wildlife on the conservancy include elephants, giraffes, oryx, lions, kudu, leopard, cheetah and more. During the wet season, the local Samburu, Rendile and Turkana people graze their livestock in the lush grassland, while during the dry season, they move their flock to the East and North-Eastern parts of Sera.

The sheer abundance of wildlife and breathtaking natural beauty make it a rare, exclusive experience for the discerning traveller.

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