After a few days in the exciting city of Cape Town, prepare to be immersed in the beauty of Zimbabwe. This journey takes you to lodges and landscapes with five-star amenities and spectacular views. The magnificent Victoria Falls offers you an awe-inspiring experience with its intense power of falling water, deafening rumble, as well as the heady fragrance of drenched earth and sun-kissed rainforest foliage.

Travel on, for more outstanding natural beauty, birds and wildlife in the Zambezi National Park, a few kilometres upstream, Hwange National Park and the Malilangwe Wildlife Reserve. Prepare to lose track of time on these life-enriching safari experiences, the memories of which will surely last a lifetime.


  • Duration
    13 Days
  • Price From
    $30 000+ PP
  • Departs From
    Cape Town
  • Ends In
    Malilangwe Wildlife Reserve

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