With fewer than 7 000 wild dogs left across the whole of Africa, including around 700 in Zimbabwe, you’re in for a real treat on this exciting safari adventure. This is your unique chance to get up close and personal with these highly endangered African wild dogs.

Your journey takes you from Hwange National Park in western Zimbabwe to Mana Pools in the north. The latter, a rugged UNESCO World Heritage Site, was featured in the “Painted Wolves” episode of the BBC’s “Dynasties” programme (narrated by David Attenborough), and highlighted as a brilliant area in which to observe the painted dogs. Together with experienced guides who have a thorough knowledge of the packs and territories, you’ll get to track these painted wolves and observe them hunting, fighting off hyena, playing boisterously with their pups or simply lazing in the shade.


  • Duration
    9 Nights
  • Price From
  • Departs From
    Livingstone & Victoria Falls
  • Ends In
    Mana Pools National Park

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