Africa is a continent of contrasts – valuable ecological territories generously supply impactful scenic attractions, variety of terrestrial wildlife, bird species and marine animals. The coastline consists of countless tranquil white sandy beaches, the epic untamed bush teems with generous wildlife and tropical island clusters are enclosed by clear turquoise water.

The beauty of the African destination doesn’t stop with all the natural splendour. Experiencing it in luxury and style takes it to a whole new level. Be astonished with the natural beauty of Cape Town while viewing the landscape from a helicopter, and drink in the splendid warmth of the sun as it sets over the Indian and Atlantic Ocean.

On your safari, the sight of animals interacting with each other in their natural surrounds will be imprinted in your memory. Sleeping under the Milky Way in a luxury star-bed while the wilderness continues with their nightly routine uninterrupted, is an unequalled adventure. The untouched nature of the Bazaruto Archipelago is idyllic. Remote islands, warm waters, protected sea-life of the Marine National Park and a personalised, intimate culture is what you can look forward to.


  • Duration
    10 Nights
  • Price From
    $20 000 Per person
  • Departs From
    Cape Town
  • Ends In

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