Fish River Lodge

The Fish River Lodge is the only lodge situated directly on the western edge of Namibia’s Fish River Canyon – the largest canyon in Africa, as well as the second most visited tourist attraction in Namibia. The views are naturally spectacular, and the sunrises and sunsets even more so. From here, incredible hiking and cycling trails meander down into the heart of the canyon affording guests spectacular scenery combined with 75 kilometres of river frontage made up of permanent waterholes and rock pools. This attracts an array of wildlife species including Hartmans Zebra, Kudu, Oryx, Springbok as well as endemic birdlife.

Fish River Lodge is uniquely designed with dry-packed stone walls to keep the interiors cool and large windows offering panoramic views through which to contemplate 300 million years of geological history. It consists of twenty chalets which are perched on the brink of the canyon, far enough from each other to ensure peaceful exclusivity for all. On request, enjoy a night under the stars sleeping on an outside bed platform next to the veranda. Meals consist of good home-cooked food served on handcrafted tables from reclaimed wood next to crackling fires in winter or outside on the deck in summer.

Why we like it here

Hiking enthusiasts can enjoy various guided expeditions offered from April to September.

The all-round rooftop windows offer you a starry view of the night sky as you drift off to sleep.

The Lodge offers a Canyon Drive with dramatic views of the river before descending into the base of the canyon for refreshments by the river.

Things to be aware of

The rooms do not have air-conditioning, but each room is equipped with a metal pedestal fan.

The Lodge is located a few metres away from the edge of the canyon, with modest wire rope barriers in front of each chalet and on the deck of the lodge. As a result, it is advisable that children will need parental supervision at all times for the duration of their stay.

Should you take part in the Canyon Hiking Package Activity through the lodge, you will require a Doctor’s Certificate of Fitness per hiker. And it’s worth noting that no children under 16 years old may take part.

Hiking is only done between April and September.

Where we are situated