Jongomero lies nestled under the magnificent shade trees in the remote southern sector of the Ruaha National Park in Tanzania. Located on the banks of a seasonal river, it is gloriously isolated. Far from the maddening crowds, guests are welcomed to discover true unadulterated wilderness. Jongomero has a camp bar, lounge and restaurant; an open wooden terrace shaded by a high thatched roof and filled with sumptuous sofas and striking furniture made of reclaimed dhow wood. Take time to laze around the elevated pool and enjoy the sights and sounds of being so close to nature.

Accommodation at Jongomero comprises eight large and well-appointed tented suites, built on raised wooden platforms, under enormous thatched roofs that also encompass a spacious private instant veranda which overlooks the riverbed. Snuggle under warming quilts in an eight-foot wide dhow wood emperor bed and fall asleep to the hum of Africa beyond the canvas.

Why we like it here

Whilst being the largest National Park in Tanzania, Ruaha also holds a special significance as it covers a unique transition zone where the Eastern and Southern biomes intersect offering an extraordinary diversity of animals, plants and birds. It is second only to Selous Game Reserve for the largest population of wild dog.

Jongomero is one of only 8 camps in the Ruaha National Park and the nearest camp is 60 km away.

Guests can indulge in the luxury of solitude, which offers not only an intimate closeness to nature but also exclusive game-viewing experiences.

Things to be aware of

Fly-camping must be pre-booked. During the day walk and discover the hidden depths of Ruaha while for one or two nights, you can sleep under a canopy of stars after sharing stories around the camp fire and showering under the trees. This adventure is bookable from 15 August to 15 November.

For your safety, on game walks and walking safaris, over and above the armed qualified walking guide, there is an armed TANAPA ranger.

Due to safety concerns and other guests’ enjoyment of the camps, we accept children from six years old with international bookings and children from 10 years old with resident bookings. At Jongomero we have a limit of two children (aged 6 – 11) in camp at any one time. Children in camp are the responsibility of the parent or guardian at all times.

The camp is closed in April and May.

Where we are situated