Manda Bay

Manda Bay is an intimate Kenyan boutique lodge located on the north-western tip of the unspoilt, idyllic island of Manda in Lamu’s archipelago. This is where you get to kick off your shoes and enjoy the simple, unpretentious things while being surrounded by natural beauty. The beautiful beachfront accommodation consists of 22 rooms in palm thatched cottages. Living spaces are open and all the buildings are in keeping with the local landscape, constructed using palm and driftwood and local building techniques.

Manda Bay combines a bush and beach experience. Whilst miles of soft white sand and coconut palms surround the lodge itself, the bush behind the lodge is dry country scattered with Doum palms, Acacia Tortilis and savannah-like scrub. A variety of birds and mammals (mongoose, civet cat, porcupine, genet cat, dik-dik, buffalo and bushbuck) can be seen on the island. Experience time out at this barefoot luxury lodge.

Why we like it here

Manda Bay was featured on the cover of Condé Nast Traveler magazine in April 2019.

They won a World Travel Award for “Leading Private Island Resort in Africa” in 2018.

They won “Best Beach in the World” in the “WOW Category” from the Beach Inspectors in 2018.

Its secluded location, safe waters, completely empty beach, exceptional water sports and private airfield are all reasons why we like it.

It is famous for its deep sea fishing during the months of November to April when the Sailfish and Striped, Black and Blue Marlin are migrating through their waters, and the ocean calmer and weather fine and dry. Common species to catch other than the billfish, are Dorado, Wahoo, Kingfish, Barracuda, Rainbow Runner and Yellow Fin Tuna.

Their food is some of the best in the Lamu area – fresh delicious fish sustainably caught from the local waters.

Activities include SUPboarding, waterskiing, wake-boarding, kayaking, windsurfing, and snorkelling.

Manda Bay is one of the most family-friendly lodges on the Kenyan coast.

The lodge is owner-run and managed.

There are rooms specifically designed for honeymooners and romantics.

Things to be aware of

It is advisable that elderly guests request rooms close to the main area as there is a bit of a distance to walk in the heat, which might be challenging for some.

The Lamu area was removed from all governmental travel bans in Europe in 2017.

Malaria is endemic on the Kenyan coast so there is an effective risk all year round, although being remote the risk is very low. With correct prophylactics, and sensible use of insect repellents, chances of catching malaria are minimal.

Where we are situated