Tsala Treetop Lodge

Located on the Garden Route, Tsala Treetop Lodge is a unique and luxurious boutique hotel that sits on stilts and gives guests a bird’s eye view of South Africa’s indigenous forest canopy. The lodge is within the Plettenberg and Knysna area.

The elaborate afro-baroque d├ęcor uses earthy colours, rich textures and handcrafted fittings to evoke a sense of the diverse cultures of Africa, while still hinting at modern sophistication.

Why we like it here

Tsala Treetop Lodge has a fantastic location that allows guests to feel as though they are immersed in nature.

The well thought out design, accompanied by exceptional amenities and service, makes Tsala Treetop Lodge an ideal location for those wishing to experience a luxurious nature-filled getaway.

Things to be aware of

Only children 10 years of age and older can me accommodated.

Due to its relatively remote location, there aren’t any nearby restaurants within walking distance.

Where we are situated