Ubuntu Migration Camp

Ubuntu Migration Camp is unique and extraordinary as it follows the herds of wildebeest as they traverse the vast Serengeti on their migration: The dramatic, perilous river-crossings to the southern grasslands where the wildebeest give birth, Ubuntu travels along for one of the most legendary and unforgettable natural phenomena on earth.

Why we like it here

Ubuntu Migration Camp is one-of-a-kind in that the whole migrates with the wildebeest’s world-famous migration across the Serengeti.

The camp is renowned for its wildlife tracking, game drives, breathtaking sundowners and incomparably high levels of service.

At Ubuntu, you can experience the Great Migration as very few have – the action happening right outside your comfortable tent.

Things to be aware of

Full board accommodation.

The camp operates from mid-November to mid-March in the southern Serengeti and from mid-June to October in the northern Serengeti. Ubuntu is closed from mid-March to mid-June, and also from the beginning to the middle of November.

Children aged five and older are welcome at the camp.

Where we are situated