Watamu Treehouse

Treehouse is a unique and inspiring guesthouse built in synthesis with the stunning natural surrounds of Watamu Beach and the mangrove forest. Every aspect of its beautifully handcrafted features has been infused with care, sensitivity to nature and love. Situated on the best and quietest part of Watamu Beach, lies the unforgettable accommodation, spread out over two towers rising out of the forest.

There are seven unique guest bedrooms, all en-suite with shower, toilet and balcony. Guests can enjoy the natural cool-pool which is always under the canopy of natural forest and remains at a refreshing temperature year-round. Relax at any of the “chill spots” around the pool and dotted over the Treehouse towers.

Why we like it here

Watamu seeks to share the best that they know of a sustainably healthy and vital lifestyle with their guests, referring to it as the “The Treehouse Effect”: A combination of factors that fuse together to make the time you spend with them enriching, joyful and energising. They take care to source only the freshest and finest local ingredients resulting in food that is healthy, flavourful and prepared in a mindful way.

There is a tropical sandy beach only a 3-minute walk away on the private path through indigenous forest.

Gentle adventures in nature and many different activities to explore the ocean, Mida Creek and mangrove forest.

Yoga and massages in serene settings.

Amazing views from which to sit back and take in the sunrise and sunset.

Open-to-the-elements-inspired-architecture and rooms.

Watamu Treehouse supports local schools, children’s homes, environmental organisations and has initiated a number of other community-based projects. When you stay here, you have many opportunities to serve and get involved.

Things to be aware of

The open architecture and the fact that it lies very high above the ground makes it unsuitable for young or hyperactive children, loud groups, or excessive consumption of alcohol.

Where we are situated