Sleeping Under The African Sky

In today’s modern world everything is frenzied and fragmented, leaving us with little time to relax and reconnect with one another. Even when you manage to break away from the hustle and bustle and go on an African adventure, you can find yourself getting caught up in the thrill of scouting for rhino in the brush, or searching for the elusive leopard in the trees. In all this excitement it is easy to forget to relax, to look up, to immerse yourself in the beauty of your natural surroundings.

Sleeping under the African Sky will provide the perfect opportunity for you to feel the peace and tranquility that comes from nature, to witness the glory of the milky way unobstructed from the light pollution of the city. This is one bucket list item that you need to check off. While the number of locations offering this service is slowly increasing, below you will find a list of some of the most unique and luxurious star bed experiences.


Stunning Star-Beds Around Africa 1

Lion Sands Chalkley Treehouse

Named after Guy Aubrey Chalkley, who once set up camp in a majestic centuries-old Leadwood Tree to evade the predators roaming the bush below. Located in the idyllic Sabi Sands reserve, guests are surrounded by majesty of the African bush, with splendid flora and spectacular fauna just an arm’s length away. The bed sits upon a secure and lavish platform under the stars, the Chalkley Treehouse affords guests the opportunity to experience the wild as never before, with animals roaming beneath their feet, all while they stay in 5-star luxury.

Guests are taken to the treehouse at sunset where drinks and a delectable picnic dinner await them. After dinner they can sink into a plush bed and admire the stars above them. Guests will fall asleep to the sounds of the bushveld, and wake-up to the call of birds and the sun peeking out from below the horizon. A Field Guide provides a full orientation upon arrival and remains on call via a radio left behind should the guests require anything.


Stunning Star-Beds Around Africa 2

Abu Camps’ Star Bed Experience

Situated in the south-west of Botswana’s Okavango Delta is Abu Camp. This camp is perfect for those looking for a truly immersive African experience with the opportunity to interact with the resident elephant herd in their natural habitat.

Guests can request this incredible experience for one of their nights at the lodge, and after dinner they will be escorted up to a king-size Star Bed raised high above the ground. They will lie beneath the breathtaking stars of the southern hemisphere, and be lulled to sleep by the low snores and the satisfied rumblings of the elephants below.


Stunning Star-Beds Around Africa 3

Anantara Medjumbe Islands Star Bed Experience

Located on Mejumbe Island in the remote Quirimbas Archipelago off the northern coast of Mozambique lies Anantara Mejumbe Island Resort. This secluded tropical paradise offers guests a once in a lifetime opportunity to experience the majesty of Indian Ocean. Guests journey to the uninhabited and private Quissanga Island on a 15-minute voyage on a traditional dhow boat.

Upon arrival guests are left alone to marvel in the splendor of the setting sun across the Indian Ocean, after which they are treated to a gourmet picnic of culinary delights which they can savor in the flickering lights of lit flame torches. Retiring to their luxurious four-poster bed dressed in the finest linens. Guests are invited to sleep al fresco on the beach under a twinkling canopy of stars, with the sound of waves gently lapping the shore as their lullaby.


Stunning Star-Beds Around Africa 4

Little Kulala’s Star Bed Experience

Located on a plain in the Namib Desert, a stone throws away from Sossusvlei’s burnt orange dunes lies Little Kulala. This area is full of dramatic contrasting colors, and is a site of ethereal beauty. The cottages have been inspired by the nature that surrounds them, with a bleached and organic looking interior that mimics the minimal but beautiful Deadvlei and the surrounding desert flora and fauna.

On the rooftop of the cottage guests can retire to a bed made up with luxurious linens. Above them they will see a sky so full of stars that they begin to comprehend the concept of infinity. The still of the desert, and its arid air provide a sense of stillness that can not be found in many other places.


Stunning Star-Beds Around Africa 5

Nkwichi’s ‘Lake of Stars’ Bed

Experience Lake Malawi in secluded luxury. Nkwichi’s ‘Lake of Stars’ Bed offers guests a truly unforgettable experience. Nkwichi lodge is a remote haven in which guests can experience serenity, and the beauty of nature. With untouched beaches and pristine waters there are few places like Nkwichi in Africa.

Just before sunset guests are whisked away to either a deserted and pristine beach encircled by magnificent baobabs, or to a secluded rock island which is situated close to the shore. On arrival they are presented with a bed of plush and pristine linens with nothing but a mosquito net between them the night-sky, and the magic of nature. After watching the sun sink below the rippling waters of Lake Malawi, guests are presented with a scrumptious supper before being left alone for the night. In the morning the staff arrive bright and early to prepare tea and coffee, and once guests are up and about, they are taken by boat to enjoy a bush breakfast under the arms of breathtaking baobabs.


It doesn’t matter which of these beds you choose to lay your head upon, as you will be under a canopy of spectacular African Stars. Let Ikewana plan your Star Bed experience, and have an adventure that you will never forget. Use the form below to get in touch with us.

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