Mokoro Safari

The Okavango Delta network of waterways weaving through lush islands, teeming with wildlife, is a paradise to be navigated by a mokoro, a canoe-shaped boat traditionally made out of dug-out tree trunks.

While your “poler” (the person who steers the boat by pushing the mokoro along the shallow channels with a long pole), guides you through the islands, you can sit back and enjoy the tranquillity of the wilderness. You are likely to see elephants, antelope and vast numbers of birds. Smaller creatures, such as colourful frogs and fascinating insects can be adored from your lower vantage point.

Mokoro activities are very dependent on water levels, as the poles need to be able to touch the bottom of the riverbed in order to propel the mokoro forward and, if the water is too shallow, floating becomes impossible.

Suitable For:
  • Adventure
  • Bucket List
  • Safari
  • Solo Travel