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The Kingdom of Lesotho (pronounced ‘le-soo-too’) lives up to its name as “the kingdom in the Sky” lying at altitudes in excess of 1 300 m above sea-level. It is the country with the highest low point in the world.

It is famous for its breathtaking mountain ranges, towering peaks, a rich variety of flora and fauna, crystal clear streams, surging waterfalls, diverse culture and a snow blanket seen high in the mountains across the country in winter. It is landlocked, nestled between the Drakensberg and Maloti mountain ranges and entirely surrounded by South Africa.

Whether you’re out adrenalin biking, 4×4 driving, hiking or trekking on a Basotho pony, you will not be disappointed. The country offers undulating expanses of pastoral charm, traditional rondavels (round huts with a conical roof) and innumerable grazing sheep.

Scenes of friendly locals passing by on horseback in multicoloured balaclavas and blankets will make you feel very welcome.

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