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Kenya rests in the magnificent Great Rift Valley on the east coast of Africa and is the destination of choice for sheer awe-inspiring travel. The equatorial country has an exquisite tropical coastline with white sandy beaches and azure waters, and for some it’s enough to while away the time soaking up the sun on the beaches of Mombasa. Some choose to go snorkelling at the Malindi Marine National Park with its exceptional tropical reefs. Some visit the country to marvel at the Kakamega Rainforest while others prefer climbing Mount Kenya. Mostly, visitors come for the thrill of a Kenyan safari experience with its exceptional natural beauty and world-famous national parks. The focus of the majority of safari tours is to spot the Big 5 within the parks, but there are countless other breath-taking things and species to enjoy. Even off the beaten track, travellers can enjoy an abundance of superb scenery from rolling savannah dotted with Masai herds and wild animals, high Kikuyu moorlands grazed by cattle and sheep, and dense forests full of monkeys and birdsong.

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